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ArtFX Gallery is proud to represent the work of over 100 local artists and craftspeople from the Puget Sound region. We welcome you to stop in, have a look, and help us support the arts by taking home a unique treasure for yourself or the perfect gift.


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Nancy Leith Artfx Gallery

Nancy Leith creates vibrant fabric mandalas and note cards designed to inspire you. The mandalas (Sanskrit meaning “circle”) are 3-dimensional pieces made from new and vintage fabric, with a variety of embellishments. Nancy's intention, is for the mandalas to be reflections of our inner beauty and true spirit. The colors, textures and focal point chosen have their own unique vibrations that resonate with the viewer in their own unique way. They can be used for healing, personal development, as a focus for meditation or simply objects of beauty to gaze upon.

“As a child I loved to rummage in my mother’s button drawer. This, combined with my love of color, doodling spirals, and my own journey of self-discovery led me to creating these mandalas. My hope is that a particular mandala will remind the viewer of a part of themselves and it will make their ‘heart soar’ as making them does mine.”

May 1st to JULY 27th 2014

Nancy Leith ArtFX Gallery

Nancy Leith ArtFX Gallery

Nancy Leith ArtFX Gallery

Gallery News

Juan Reyes is here!

Juan Reyes Silver Jewelry

We're always on the hunt for beautiful art and unique pieces to offer you. And we've found an excellent combination of the two in Juan Reyes beautiful jewelry. Working in silver and accenting with semi-precious stones, Juan's work is incredibly beautiful and definitely investment jewelry that you'll want to wear for many years to come!

Juan Reyes Jewelry
Juan Reyes Jewelry

dear diary

Lewis Curtiss Jr. blank books

Dear Diary, today I bought this beautiful handmade blank book by Lewis Curtiss Jr. at ArtFX. Lewis creates his beautiful books completely from upcycled paper and other materials. And with a Coptic binding the book lays perfectly flat so the words can just flow off my pen. But then again, maybe I'll save it to use as a sketchbook for my trip to Provence next month? Decisions, decisions!

light up the night

Christine Merrikin Musser night lights Merrikin Designs

Help your child to feel safe in the dark (or find your way to the bathroom!) with these beautiful hand-made night lights by Merrikin Designs. Introduce your child to art with these unique fused glass lights.